Best Gaming Music Collaboration Known to Man..No Seriously.

Below we are going to introduce you to the best gaming music soundtrack of all far. This task was really hard. We went through what seemed like hundreds of articles and games, just to find the perfect soundtracks based on what the people thought and what the experts though. Do you know hard it is to find that balance? It’s hard. Anyways, like it or hate it – here is the gaming songs and soundtrack which we think are the best.

We won’t pretend we are devoted gamers and start listing off all the games we ‘kind’ know of.

“I used to love playing Call of Duty with all mates when I was 16″. There now that’s out of the way, let’s continue with our pitch of why we think you should choose our gaming playlist.

First and foremost, we did our research. Our team of curators and researchers teamed up to form a rather majestic synergy, finding the best gaming music online. We went through articles, blogs, socials and quite a fair few games. So without further due, here is our gaming playlist…or here is a description of the top 10 tracks anyway.

Chrono Trigger

One of the most popular soundtracks in the gaming world. Described by Takashi Tokita  as like a festival. Songs like “Guardia Castle” and “Corridors of Time” are able to capture the tonal breadth of the game, shifting from orchestral stoicism to synthesized awe and wonder between the two of them.


Persona 4

This one is made by the great Shoji Meguro, who is actually wild. Attempting to mix jazz into a j-pop, alt-rock type of setting is absolute madness and virtually impossible… for anyone else. The Persona 4 soundtrack is as smooth as they come, described by numerous magazines as ‘effervescent as an autumn breeze’. This is an ideal gaming soundtrack for anything along the lines of fiction, mystical creatures and mainly RPG’s.


Mega Man X

This gaming soundtrack is pure metal and more metal. The original Mega man’s adventures rocked pretty hard, however it wasn’t until Mega Man X, that the soundtrack took it up a whole another level. Our favourite is the beginning of “Central Highway” – the first few seconds literally get your blood pumping, especially through that crazy wailing guitar that travels throughout the entire track.  The Mega Man X, continueso produce amazing soundtracks that will literally rock you out of your seat.


Halo 3

Who doesn’t like Halo, seriously? If you ever even had a childhood and/or friends who were an ounce of fun, then you would know that Halo really is the one the best gaming soundtracks of all time. The Halo soundtrack began a joint venture with Marty O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori’s who originally started a sci-fi shooter, currently owned by Microsoft called Bungies. This soundtrack theme has been around for a while, however once introduced into the Halo 3 game, the famous chant-laden theme provided us all with the best backing music for our Master Chief adventures.


Street Fighter 2

The story, ambition and overall creativity of Street Fighter 2’s team is still as inspiring today as it was back in 1991. This was some of the earlier work of Yoko Shimomura, as he began this project fresh out of college, which really adds to the authenticity and raw energy behind this gaming soundtrack.