Brent Faiyaz Releases Official “Sonder Son” Curated Playlist via Listd

Following the release of his debut full-length album Sonder Son, vocalist and R&B vanguard Brent Faiyaz has released an exclusive playlist as part of his partnership with Listd. The brainchild of a team of independent Spotify playlist curators, Listd is an engaging music platform that gives artists the opportunity to be discovered by millions of followers. Ranking in the Top 20… Continue reading

How Free Spotify Promotion Changed This Artists Career

Free Spotify Promotion: How an Independent Artist gained 150k Listeners Organically in 3 Months. We are excited to share one of the many case studies of how spotify promotion and the right targeting can break a record.  This is an artist we came across by a simple submission called Tim Gent. When we first were… Continue reading