Our Vision

The Largest Network of Playlists…Made Free

Listd Music is the brainchild of a team of independent playlist curators, wanting to be movers and shakers in the industry. By creating an engaging music platform that gives artists the opportunity to be discovered… and without spending a penny, we hope to be able to be a key milestone and most of all a discovery platform for artists in the future.

All that we ask is that you contribute to our platform, by following our array of lists and sharing our network with other artists with the like mind goal of being heard. Feel free to submit any song here

We also ask that you join us in this exciting journey of what they are now calling ‘The New Music Industry‘ which is an industry powered by strength through numbers and most importantly - the fans.

Right now there are more opportunities than there has ever been for you to be discovered, get signed and/or make a career in music.