Introducing the Worlds First Free Music Promotion Platform.

Welcome to Listd, the largest online Spotify network for 2017….which is free?
Since launching, we have accumulated over 100 playlists, growing by thousands each week. Our network is continually expanding as we are gaining more and more playlists and likewise curation teams join our online family.
Now, we know there are a few different music networks, playlist groups and MCN’s, so makes us different?
Short answer. It’s f***in free!
You heard that right. Free. This is a free music promotion platform and we want to invite you and everyone you know to join. We have invested so much time and energy into building and developing these playlists to give artists the opportunity to increase their streams, gain that much-needed exposure and be discovered, as in the end that is what it’s really about.

The Music Industry is Like the Wild West Baby

With the rise of online streaming, things are like the wild west out here. It’s every man for himself and even those who have been in this industry for years are now left clueless – what’s next? How do we break this record? Now here is the thing, in this crazy array of events and digital media trends, you as an artist and/or manager can choose to be in two categories, and that is:

Category 1: Complain and miss the good ole days:  

“I miss those days when you could buy music at your local record store, actually feel it and touch it. Not this digital crap” or maybe it’s more “Spotify is ripping off the industry, there are no more sales in music”.

Whichever quote you choose this category is about living in the past and focusing all efforts in complaining and blaming digital media. In other words, it’s quite unproductive.

Category 2: Embrace the Opportunity 

Did you know that the music industry is at its fruitful state since 1995? In fact friends in online streaming like Spotify have actually injected an extra 64m into this industry alone. The music industry is now a 15 billion dollar business, with around 50% of this due to digital media technologies such as online streaming.

In other words, THESE are the good days! Right here, right now. There has never been more opportunity for an artist to be discovered and also make a career from their music.

We don’t want to rant, but long story short:

We are beyond excited to unlock the opportunities that the digital music industry has for all of you. We hope that our platform can be a key milestone in you reaching your goals.

Listd Team.