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What is your favourite genre? We like them all. We have playlists in pop, R&B, dance, rap, trap, indie and everything else. If you feel like we have left something out or a sub genre, then please let us know in the form below.


How are you feeling? We got you covered. Whether you are feeling happy, sad or between. Our range of hand crafted playlists will suit any mood


Probably our favourite category of playlist. Ever watch a movie and hear an absolutely amazing song? We do. That is why we dedicate so much time finding these sound tracks and creating hand made sound tracks featuring some of your favourite songs.


Tomorrowland, Coachella and what ever else. We got you, featuring playlists from some of the best events in the world. Turn up with our amazing festival sessions.


Spotify Playlists Really Are the Best Form Of Music Promotion – Period

Listd Music , although still new to the game is growing quickly to become one of the largest Spotify playlist networks around. We owe this to a savvy digital team, an amazing network of curators and most importantly the engaged fans and listeners who are passionate about music – they are the ones that are keeping this industry alive.

We hope that this page right here will be the number one destination for all things curation. Which is why we are working hard to make sure our playlists are easy to find, engaging to listen to and benefit both the artist and the curator. Here you will find curated playlists around soundtracks, genre, popular and trending events, and even mood.

Here at Listd, our passion is playlists, however not so much for the reason. People think that playlists are just a great form of promotion as it makes music more accessible and easier to find for online listeners and we agree.. to a certain extent. To us, playlists are the new way for artists to be discovered not only that, but playlists are a way for artists to be listened to in a new context.

We find the context then we create the playlist

Our research team monitors search engines, magazines, online trends online and offline to find what people are talking out. They look for what is called a Community of Interest or (COI) for the digital media nerds out there who understand what that is. For anyone that doesn’t know, a COI is quite simply an online topic of discussion, like maybe the Mannequin Challenge, The ASL Ice Bucket challenge or anything that is online and people are talking about. We often find these COI’s on popular sites like Reddit or simply look through Google trends and watch the news to see what is happening around the world.

Simply put, we find where there is conversation online and then create a way for artists to use their music in that context. That is the best form of music promotion you can get – period. That is why movie soundtracks literally launch careers of artists, as people associate that song with that feeling and that beautiful synergy is why playlists are so effective, and that is why we spend so much time finding them, creating and managing